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Bradford_L_Huie_-_100_years_ago_Today_The_trial_of_Leo_Frank_begins.jpg, mai 2020

Bradford L. Huie - 100 years ago Today : the trial of Leo Frank begins

The American Mercury presents the 2013 centennial analysis of the Leo Frank case, in both article format and audiobook serial. This is considered the best analysis of the Leo Frank's trial ever produced in the last 100 years. It includes information seldom brought up in other treatments of the Leo...

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100 reasons Leo Frank is Guilty - Audiobook.jpg, mai 2020

Bradford L. Huie - 100 reasons Leo Frank is guilty

Take a journey through time with the American Mercury, and experience the trial of Leo Frank (pictured, in courtroom sketch) for the murder of Mary Phagan just as it happened as revealed in contemporary accounts. The Mercury will be covering this historic trial in capsule form from now until August...

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