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Philippe Henriot - Discours 9 avril 1944

DOWNLOAD - Philippe Henriot - Discours 9 avril 1944 Philippe Henriot - PDF Philippe Henriot (7 janvier 1889 à Reims - 28 juin 1944 à Paris), député national et ministre de l’État français. Son père est officier de l’armée française, un condisciple du Maréchal Pétain sur les bancs de Saint-Cyr....

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Herman Göring - Last ever letter From Herman Goring to Winston Churchill

Mr. Churchill, You will have the satisfaction to survive me and my comrades in misfortune. I do not hesitate to congratulate you on this personal triumph and the finesse with which you have accomplished it. You have gone to great expense in order to secure this success, for yourself and Great...

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Germar Rudolf - Moral turpitude The legal hazards of maintaining physical fitness outdoors

When working out outdoors during the warm season, two things are important: health and safety. I live in a region where summer temperatures allow intense cardio workouts outdoors – such as jogging and cycling – only during the early-morning hours. However, it can be warm and muggy even then. For my...

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