Tom Watson - Alex Linder - The Leo Frank Case - 1915

Tom Watson - The Leo Frank Case - 1915
Read by Alex Linder

The 'Leo Frank Case' is an early analysis by Tom Watson, a seasoned lawyer and populist politician, who reviews the investigation, evidence and official testimony of the Leo M. Frank murder trial (July 28, 1913 to August 26, 1913).
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Tom Watson - Alex Linder - 01 The Leo Frank Case - January 1915

Watson discusses the Leo Frank Case in this January 1915 issue with new insights, energy, wit, sarcasm and vigor from his earlier introductions of the case in his Jeffersonian Newspaper (1914) issues on the affair.
The January issue is the first of five reviews of the case you must read. In Watson's later works on the the Leo M. Frank case he does a better job of articulating the Leo M. Frank murder confession than Hugh M. Dorsey and Frank Arthur Hooper do in the August and September issues, 1915.

Tom Watson - Alex Linder - 02 A full review of the Leo Frank Case - March 1915

Major article (36,000 words) by crusading publisher and experienced trial lawyer Thomas Watson (later a US senator from Georgia) confirming the guilt of Leo Frank (a New York City Jew, president of B'nai B'rith of Atlanta, and manager at an Atlanta pencil factory) in the rape and murder of his 13-year-old employee, Mary Phagan. Leo Frank had been found guilty by an Atlanta jury and sentenced to death in August 1913, but was still appealing his sentence when this March 1915 article came out, and a massive nationwide media campaign was accusing Georgians of "antisemitism."

Tom Watson - Alex Linder - 03 The celebrated case of the State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank - August 1915

Audiofile of John de Nugent reading the Thomas E. Watson Aug. 1915 article about 1) the murder of Mary Phagan, 2) the trial and various legal appeals made by Leo Max Frank, and 3) the protestations of his supposed innocence, of Georgia's "bigotry," "mob rule" and "antisemitism", and of a flawed trial and a guilty verdict "with no evidence" made by Leo Frank's Jewish and Gentile backer.

Tom Watson - Alex Linder - 04 The official record in the case of Leo Frank A jew pervert - September 1915

Publisher Tom Watson wrote this article right after the Aug.1915 hanging (conducted by the crème de la crème of the frustrated people of Georgia themselves after two years of spurious legal delays) of the pedophile, rapist, and murderer Leo Frank, a prominent Jewish official and businessman whom major Jewish-owned or influenced newspapers protested was a victim of antisemitism.
Watson defends the "lynching" (which carried out a death sentence supported by three juries and five levels of the court system) and goes beyond this to make his strongest statements yet about the bane of Jewish media sway over America. He also discusses two other famous cases of that day of supposed "antisemitism," the Captain Alfred Dreyfus case in France (regarding a Jewish officer convicted of espionage and treason) and the Menachem Beilis case in Ukraine/Russia (about a Jew convicted of ritually murdering and draining the blood from a little Slavic child).
This is the powerful post-lynching article about the Leo Frank murder case by Thomas E. Watson of Georgia, a crusading anti-Frank newspaper and magazine publisher, a former trial lawyer, state legislator, US Congressman and soon-to-be US Senator. Here Watson is again defending in his magazine the honor of his state, its legal system, and the fairness and evidence of the 1913 murder trial conducted by Judge Leonard Roan. But in addition he now also justifies the lynchers who had just hanged the CONVICTED MURDERER, high-ranking Jewish official, pedophile, serial adulterer, sexual harasser, sweatshop manager, and child-labor abuser Leo Max Frank on August 17, 1915. He also discusses the sensational 1906 Stanford White murder (a star American architect was killed by an enraged husband); the failed, unchivalrous attempt by King George IV of England to bend the law protecting his wife; the 1890s Jewish Dreyfus case in France; the then-recent (1911) Jewish Beiliss case in Russia (a Kiev, Ukraine ritual-murder trial); and Watson looks over then recent cases and charges Jewry with an unspoken policy: If a rich Jew murders a Gentile, or betrays his country (Dreyfus), then the legal system must not be allowed to punish him.

Tom Watson - Alex Linder - 05 The jews indict a State The whole South traduced - October 1915

This audiobook covers the final article by crusading Georgia publisher Thomas Edward Watson in his Watson's Magazine on the Leo Frank case.
The well-connected Atlanta Jew Leo Frank had been justly lynched several months earlier for rape and murder by the frustrated elites of Georgia society and politics.
This article deals with the media aftermath -- when Jewish-controlled newspapers nationwide blasted Watson, Georgia and the entire South over the lynching as bigoted, prejudiced, antisemitic monsters and ignorant haters.
I precede the reading with my own observations about Watson's regretful observation: "White people will believe anything"and its implications for the concept and workability of "democracy," the "rule of the people."
Facts, logic and evidence basically mean nothing, even to the highly educated. It took Watson endless months of educational articles to get one man hung for his crime, and it took the Jews minutes to get a whole nation foaming at the mouth against him, Georgia and the South.

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