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Tag - Race and Reason

Wyatt Kaldenberg - Race and Reason 1

Ex Trotskyite, Wyatt Kaldenberg, interviewed on how Left and Right are two sides of the same coin....

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Jorge Katar - Race and Reason - 1956 Hungarian Revolution

A Hungarian relates the actual events and war crimes during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution....

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Jonathan Boag - Race and Reason

Tom Metzger continues interviewing Jonathon Boag for Race and Reason. Discussing race, religion, free speech and free thinkers.....

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John Jewell - Race and Reason

John Jewell, a former member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) who had served on one of the union’s national committees in Canada....

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Evan McCollum - Race and Reason - Horus saves Conquest through religion

Tom Metzger interviews Evan McCollum, author of Horus Saves, Conquest by Religion, who believes religion is used to artificially control men's minds....

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